Case Study

Building resilience at Bunnings




As the turbulence of the pandemic remained unrelenting, Bunnings found they needed to redesign key features of their Operating Model to create capacity to flex to evolving service needs, to enhance efficiency in enabling functions, and ultimately, to embed a modern resilience in how they operated.

The breadth of its 295 stores and 48,000 staff across Australia and New Zealand mean that the efficiency and outcomes impact of flow-on effect of store-enablement services across the retail and trade arms of the business is incredibly high.



  • Redesigned operating model with purposeful inter-dependence between New Zealand and Australia, covering all of operations and in-store experience
  • Transformation roadmap of programs and initiatives to deliver major efficiency gains across core enablement value streams
  • Targeted benefits for core processes based on waste benchmarking and quantified Noise reduction opportunity




  • Taking a systems thinking approach can help organisations identify how much they can change to be better
  • Developing a rigorous case for change built on evidence is powerful and compelling and makes broad decision-making far simpler
  • Bring together the right people to unpack the uncertainty you’re facing and you can understand the flow-on across your Operating Model
  • When you’ve got a powerful customer proposition and mission, set your Operating Model on what delivers value ‘your way’, not just how others do it

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