A Powerful Tool to Drive Enterprise Transformation

XeP3, a powerful tool to drive enterprise transformation

Supporting your transformation journey


XeP3 is a cloud based, productivity improvement tool which helps organisations to quantify and eliminate their process waste. XeP3 is designed to transform complex processes, facilitate enterprise-wide process re-engineering and organise change management programs.

Change is disruptive. A distinct advantage of XeP3 is that it allows you to minimise the change impact on everyday business operations. Giving you unrivalled data to rebuild your process and Operating Model, simply and easily, brick-by-brick. XeP3 quantifies the size of opportunity for capacity creation through change, allowing you to model and execute your transformation with accuracy and assurance.

XeP3 allows organisations to:

Drive productivity

De-risk transformation

Target and quantify Noise reduction

Track how you get benefits

Increase productivity and reduce cost


  • Typical improvements of 15%
  • Reduce process cycle times and increase throughput
  • Reduce error rates and rework
  • Uplift operational performance

Seamless enterprise transformation


  • Provide a value-driven purpose
  • Embed a continuous improvement culture
  • Build operational capability
  • Provide role clarity for staff

Improved customer experience


  • Stop doing the stuff your customers don’t want
  • Address waste that you’re customer feels
  • Take the waste out to deliver processes faster

De-risk transformation


  • Make a data-led restructure
  • Make insight-led decisions
  • Use a tested and proven method

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