How To Move The Dial With AI


We recently had the pleasure of hosting almost 100 industry leaders at our first face to face Melbourne Change Network event since before the pandemic. Our Change Network Events provide opportunity for our vast network of industry leaders to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas, with peers across industries

With plenty of press and interest in Artificial Intelligence, many enterprises are wrestling with the conundrum of where to start with a complex set of data challenges, technologies, and a plethora of options. Others are concerned about security, privacy, and ethical issues. Bevington Group CEO, Roger Perry, was joined by a panel of distinguished leaders exploring “How to move the dial with AI”, including:

  • The AI landscape – both local and international
  • The common solutions being deployed today
  • The safe pathways to follow
  • The directions that are likely to emerge over the next 12 to 24 months.

Explore Roger’s opening presentation here.

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