Operating Model Design & Restructuring

Get your Operating Model right


Your strategy is only as good as the Operating Model that can deliver it.

Enhance service delivery

Reduce and reallocate costs and resources

Configure operations to be scale-ready

Embed uncertainty-resilient operations

We increasingly need to be adaptive


Uncertainty is now a daily reality for many of Australia’s leading organisations. The need to be adaptive is often discussed as a key component of genuine organisational resilience. To embed an adaptive capacity while delivering products/services effectively requires a clear operating model.

We define the operating model as the collection of elements your organisation needs (including processes, roles, structures, systems and measures etc) to deliver your mission, consistent with your strategy. The elements matter, but so does the way they are connected.

Your ability to deliver value comes from your Operating Model


Many organisations we speak with have an established way of doing what they do. In the past this has served them well, however they find it increasing difficult to remain competitive as the context changes. Stagnation, fragmented functionalisation, rigidity, and incrementalism hinder their ability to respond and evolve as they know they should. This can result in disconnection between across a structure or service areas, ending in under-performance to your mission.

Setting your Operating Model right ensures your organisation can change and grow, that each element is working to the same goal, and that you deliver excellent customer experiences.

Your operating model is the combination of interconnected factors:


  • Service and process design
  • Infrastructure
  • Disciplines and oversight
  • Information and incentives
  • People and partnerships
Why Us?


Simply put, our approach works. It is engaging but also data driven. Our top-down/bottom-up approach means that the design process is engaging, but is informed by the numbers that matter. So we operate from analysis of As-Is state to the To-Be world, but also help you with implementation as you require.

We ensure we have a thorough understanding of where you stand today. In doing so we use leading edge operating model consulting methods and tools. However, the process is fast. This is critical in a world which is changing so rapidly.


AI and your operating model design


The evolution of artificial intelligence tools means that many household names are adopting these for performance and service delivery.

The fundamentals of your operating model design must support the new ways of working with these capabilities and allow you to be sustainable and to scale. We guide our clients through this journey, thanks to our expert consultants.

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