Case Study

Kick-Starting Transformation to Save Lives




AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) is the statutory authority responsible for the regulation and safety oversight of Australia’s shipping fleet and management of Australia’s international maritime obligations. They ensure safe vessel operations, combat marine pollution, and rescue people in distress.

AMSA developed a future Operating Model to deliver greater safety outcomes and service quality to their numerous stakeholders. Before embarking on large changes, they wanted to kick start tactical improvements across their operations and mobilise a transformation function to deliver the new model.



  • A tactical improvements team were trained in rapid implementation tools and practices
  • 15 capacity creating projects were delivered
  • The transformation team was established and structed around the change required
  • A tailored governance model was established to define project, program, and portfolio oversight for fast transformation
  • A benefits realisation framework was developed to track return on investment
  • A change and communications strategy was developed and tested




  • Never under-estimate the value of smaller changes that build momentum
  • Defining consistent transformation governance early helps you find the sweet spot of the right level of oversight
  • Benefits metrics are core to evidencing success, don’t get too distracted in ‘the doing’ to start measuring early


Part of this work was supported by the XeP3 product (owned by Bevington and Partners Pty Ltd)

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