Process Automation, Digitisation & Workflow

Embrace your evolving technology options to achieve your processing objectives


Deploy simple tools that automate more of your business, give you visibility of what is happening, and allow your people to focus on what matters

Enable technology to deliver a seamless customer experience

Increase process speed

Increase customer experience

Create resource capacity

Not automating is an expensive measure to take


As automation and digitisation solutions mature it has become clear that process reengineering and process automation are siblings in significant organisational change. We know that automation without process work will lead to disappointing results, and that process work can be materially enhanced by modern automation methods.

Hence, Bevington Group personnel are trained to integrate automation thinking into their analysis and designs. We also keep close track of automation options and methods so that we can implement across the range of automation use cases.

Many simple tools can overcome fragmented systems


Many organisations in Australia still rely on fragmented solutions, client-facing ‘automation’ with a manual back end, or workflow solutions that do not actually ‘flow work’. Where data is available, it is over-reported and under-used.

Our clients find the tools and technology to scale their operations and deliver an excellent customer experience. Robotic process automation is helping to integrate end-to-end processes and eliminating some avoidable bottle necks. This frees teams to focus on high value customer engagement and further investment in the future.

Simplify, without overhaul


Our clients find the tools and technology to scale their operations and deliver an excellent customer experience. We help them redesign their use of tools like CRMs, ERPs, workflow, work management, business intelligence platforms, and customer portals.  


Why us?


As Australia’s leading process design consultancy, we help our clients to design their processes in ways that embed digitisation and automation thinking.

We sit as your partner in using data-led insight to drive how you can use AI to automate the right tasks and decision-making.

Did you know all of our services can be powered by our innovative XeP3 technology?

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Effective business restructuring ensures complex organisations can change and grow, whilst still delivering excellence in customer experience.


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