Case Study

Building a mission-led operating model with Peoplecare




With more than 75,000 members, Peoplecare is a private, nonprofit health insurer offering additional health support programs. Their excellent customer experience reputation makes them an industry leader.

Like others in the sector, Peoplecare has faced numerous challenges over the years, including a reduction in the number of, people holding private health insurance, and an increase in the average age and cost of remaining members.

Peoplecare wanted to fundamentally realign their whole organisation to focussing on what matters most for their members and for them. This would allow them bed down a stronger and more sustainable future. They wanted to re-build their organisation based on their fundamental mission. This meant evaluating every component of their organisation and its alignment to this



  • Redesigned operating model with functional alignment to mission-led objectives
  • Structural alignment to the new mission-oriented operating model
  • Bottom-up mission-led OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) developed and agreed by every team in the organisation
  • Roadmap co-designed with staff to implement the new operating model




  • Building an operating model around core missional objectives makes it easy to see and stop work that doesn’t align to these
  • OKRs are a powerful way to connect people with the mission of their organisation, and help them see why what they do matters
  • Co-designing with staff isn’t always easy, but your far less likely to feel like your swimming against the current during implementation

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