Changing Your Organisation With AI



The release of GPT-4, the latest language model for ChatGPT, has created an enormous buzz. However, this is far from the only Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent available. With a huge weight of money behind the development efforts, the number of AI tools increases each week.

Our view is that innovation in this space, if anything, is accelerating. Some of the uses of this technology are industry shaping, in that existing products and services may become rapidly obsolete. There will be serious advantages to those who can prepare their organisations for both effective use of the technologies and the marketplace changes that will inevitably arise.

In this brief video, Roger Perry (CEO, Bevington Group) discusses how organisations might respond to the opportunities and threats presented by AI. Such frameworks for AI options include methods of assessment, criteria for selection, impacts on operating models, risk mitigants, questions to consider, and planning for how to get started.


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