Leadership Resilience – An update for 2024


We are all part of a world that has become more complex and nuanced. From a macro perspective, businesses have material productivity challenges. Supply chains are transitioning because of a more fractured world, people with the right skills are hard to find in the right numbers at an affordable price, and wage pressures are common. Many organisations are unsure as to how to progress their technology agenda in a “data decade”, with AI offering both threats and opportunities, and cyber risks remaining high.

So, times are not getting any easier from a leadership and decision-making perspective. We thought it was time to revisit the resilience question, being “How do leaders maintain their own resilience while building the organisation’s capacity to adapt and thrive?”. In this presentation our CEO, Roger Perry, will address the question in two parts – what successful leaders are doing to prosper in the face of uncertainty and challenge, and how they are making their organisations “anti-fragile” (to borrow from Nicolas Taleb).

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