Restructuring for Cost and Capacity


The first two webinars of our “Bevington Resilience” series introduced the concept of a “Balanced Response” and then addressed the critical short-term actions that could be pursued (in order).


In this webinar, we address the issues of how to restructure for both cost and capacity AND how not to destroy the business along the way. Many organisations have a cost problem (where demand has dropped off and revenue is plummeting), some have capacity problems (think of Centrelink right now, or 7-Eleven) and others will have both (e.g. private hospitals with no elective surgery income BUT needing capacity to help in a COVID-19 response).


So, how do you think about restructuring to address these challenges? AND what are the principles for great execution? This webinar addresses these questions by drawing on leading research and a lot of practical experience.


Webinar date: 17th April 2020

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