Strategic Responses to Fragile Workforces


Building Workforce Resilience


Our workforces are clearly under pressure. We have both skill and staff shortages, absenteeism remains stubbornly high for many, and productivity is often reported as lower in WFH (Work from Home) or hybrid models (but not universally so). Inflation is raising salary costs while lags in pay rises are still while making life more difficult for lower wage earners. Turnover levels remain a challenge, staff can feel increasingly disconnected from their employers, and many employees are suffering from relatively elevated levels of anxiety.

Arguably even just some of these pressures would contribute to workforce fragility, but many organisations are dealing with multiple hits and threats to their people at the same time. So, how are the very best enterprises dealing with these challenges?

In this session, our CEO (Roger Perry) describes the key strategies being deployed by organisations that have successfully enhanced their workforce resilience.



Webinar date: 2nd December 2022

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