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Emily Woods

Engagement Leader

Emily is an experienced process improvement consultant with strong analytical skills and an engaging style.

She has worked across federal government, local government, insurance, defence, corporate services, banking and utilities.



Emily has worked across clients in multiple industries to understand their current state operating model and workshop ways to achieve the desired future state. Through this process, Emily engages with all levels across the organisation to ensure the future state is realistic, achievable and solves for the current state issues.

Emily has worked across many implementation jobs, in which she provides structure and momentum for change. She specialises in knowledge transfer to ensure project management skills are in place for the organisation to continue on their pathway to change.


She has strong competencies in current state, As-Is process mapping, process analysis, and To-Be process design, and can draw pragmatic insights from large data sets to ensure clients clearly understand process, role, structure and system issues. Emily has collected a wealth of knowledge in process reengineering across many industries which she applies to each individual client.

Emily is practical and assists clients to create realistic solutions that they can implement quickly, to provide lasting change. In addition to this, Emily recognises the importance of change management when executing change and provides strategies to bring everyone on board.

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