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Andrew Morley

Managing Director, NSW and ACT

Andrew is a highly experienced transformation specialist with vast expertise in operating model design, lean process re-engineering, customer experience enhancement, and accelerated implementation.

He has successfully cultivated and deployed his skills with many clients across a breadth of sectors including financial services; agribusiness; higher education; government and regulatory services; retail and consumer products; and supply chain and logistics.



Andrew sees the ultimate success of any assignment resting in the ability of the client to understand, advocate and implement the solutions required to realise the intended outcome. To support this, his preferred approach is to engage with a broad group of key stakeholders at the outset, developing a shared understanding of the problem, and buy-in to the approach to solve it.

To further enable success, Andrew has significant experience in the accelerated implementation of operating model and process improvement at scale. He has deployed Agile methods in both solution delivery and change management to realise incremental value for transformation programs across many engagements.


A passion for analytics and problem solving, engaging leadership and facilitation style, and ability to articulate complex concepts in an accessible way are seen by clients as Andrew’s fundamental strengths. His strong focus on deploying collaborative and user-centric methods to address complex client challenges drives creative and dynamic solutions that are well supported at all levels within an organisation.

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