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Jock Martin


Jock is an experienced process re-engineering and operating model design consultant specialised in identifying business issues, designing transformation programs and implementing solutions.

Jock is exceptionally talented at identifying and prioritising business issues using available data and insights from all layers of management. Jock combines his legal and engineering background with practical expertise in the banking, superannuation, energy, healthcare, building and government industries to provide a deep problem-solving capability.



Jock’s clients are often ‘wowed’ by his ability to synthesise complex business problems into a plan of action that everyone can understand. Jock melds sophisticated analysis of problems with practical and innovative solutions. He has led teams to develop high quality insights from varying data sources such as activity and time data, automation opportunity, business activity, sales, workforce opportunity, processing times (e.g. elapsed and work effort).

Jock’s experience spans many industries including: airline; building and construction; energy and utilities (incl. energy distribution and retail); financial services; government and regulatory services; healthcare; legal; manufacturing; scientific and research; and transportation.

Jock also leads the artificial intelligence and automation group at Bevington. Jock is experienced at performing automation opportunity analysis and implementing robotics process automation (RPA) projects.


Jock is a transformation and operating model design specialist with advanced skills identifying operational inefficiencies, designing and implementing business solutions. He is exceptionally talented in working with clients to design practical change programs based on hard data.

Jock is also experienced acting in a Transformation Manager capacity; establishing overall transformation work streams, governance and coaching staff leads on delivery.

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