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Jan Kautsky


Jan is the Bevington Group’s technology consulting practice lead, with an extensive track record of delivering process and systems improvement using highly Agile and collaborative techniques.

With his focus on major technology imperatives, Jan has advised clients on the many elements of their business Operating Model which will have a direct influence on the timing and benefits achieved from their significant investments in system solutions.



With a specialty in identifying and optimising technology solutions to meet organisational, customer, and employee needs, Jan has prepared and facilitated implementation of comprehensive business and technical improvements. He has also conducted evaluations of the many solution options available to clients, providing valuable guidance on cost, complexity, timeframe, risks, and benefits.

He has led multiple projects using sprint-based and Minimum Viable Product approaches to solution implementation, based on rapid iterations and highly collaborative teams.


Jan is both a strategic and analytical consultant, who works closely with business stakeholders to clearly understand and articulate objectives that will support organisational imperatives. He engages equally well with front-line staff to assess detailed activities, data, and impact on current processes.

Drawing on his broad experiences associated with major change initiatives, Jan prepares and facilitates change plans focused on delivering staged improvements, using lean and agile-based techniques combined with critical systems and structural thinking.

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