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Brett Smith

Managing Director

Brett is a highly experienced business transformation specialist who has led a large number of complex assignments.

As an expert operating model and process reengineering leader, he has used his skills across many industries including: aviation; education; energy and utilities; defence; financial services (banking, insurance, superannuation & funds management); government and regulatory services; manufacturing; retail and FMCG supply; supply chain services; telecommunications: transport and logistics.



Brett is renowned as a highly pragmatic leader of transformation programs. His experience allows him to grasp and help guide solutions from process, structure and systems perspectives. His lean concept mindset combined with his agile approach to improvement allows him to efficiently create unique analyses and storylines to help guide change, and he is a trusted advisor based on his no-nonsense guidance on what will really work in a given environment.

The majority of Brett’s assignments require operating model redesign as this is inherently necessary for true transformation. As such he is a leader in this field and he has been pivotal in major transformations for some of Australia’s most respected organisations.


Brett has an extensive knowledge of lean best practice in both manufacturing and service industries and he typically supports clients either by direct facilitation or through lean training.  The key in his approach is to fast track the development of the “case for change” for his clients in areas which are impacted their businesses today.  His depth in process knowledge combined with strong commercial acumen has led to many of his clients delivering initiatives with material return on investment.

His ability to rapidly understand the client organisation and to develop improvement options to be evaluated is perhaps his greatest strength. However, even more impressive is his knowledge on how best to setup the transformation program so that outcomes and accountabilities are clear, and the links with current in-flight initiatives are sensible.

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