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Christine Burke

Managing Director

Christine is a Managing Director with the Bevington Group with an impressive track record supporting strategic change in complex organisations.

Throughout her many years at the Bevington Group, Christine has successfully delivered over 50 projects ranging from small rapid implementation projects to large scale multi-million-dollar programs of work. She provides in-depth knowledge in the areas of government service delivery, health, education, and financial and trustee services.



Christine combines technical knowledge with her focus on leading people through change, she focuses on the most balanced and optimal solution for the organisation, customers and its people. She rapidly understands the issues facing organisations, and directs the development of pragmatic solutions aimed at specific issues. This is supported by a strong belief in the importance of knowledge transfer, as she effectively builds client capability, allowing them to take ownership of change.

Christine has significant experience working across industry sectors including: education; financial services; government and regulatory services; healthcare; legal; not for profit; retail and consumer services; and sciences and research.


Christine is an expert in our specialist areas of process improvement, strategic lean implementation and operating model design. When delivering projects, her outstanding stakeholder management skills combined with ability to define pragmatic solutions allows clients to quickly understand the reason and benefit of a change.

Christine often becomes a trusted advisor to clients, continuing to work with them through implementation, or offer ongoing advice over a number of years.

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