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Natasha Khanum

Engagement Leader

Natasha is a Senior Managing Consultant with a passion for delivering change management, process reengineering and corporate strategy development.

She has managed projects with multiple moving parts, ensuring seamless execution and deliverables are met on time and within budget. Her knowledge of the right tools at the right time guide her client’s implementation approach to ensure continuous improvement. Her experience includes government services, financial services, investment banking, and health.



Natasha is an experienced process improvement operating model design consultant with strong analytical skills and an engaging style. She has strong competencies in current state, As-Is process mapping, process analysis, and To-Be process design, and can draw pragmatic insights from large data sets to ensure clients clearly understand process, role, structure and system issues.

Natasha has exceptional project management and stakeholder management capability with the ability to work closely with senior stakeholders to support and resolve issues. She is experienced in setting priorities, planning and organising work to ensure achievement of objectives and goals.


Natasha’s strong engagement skills empower her to effectively engage numerous staff across organisations to design solutions that will eliminate process Noise, and also stand the test of time. She is self-reliant, impact-oriented, and enthusiastic, making her a great team player.

Natasha communicates complex analysis in an easy and digestible way that creates engagement with her clients.

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